Demolition Missile Grips

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    AWSOMEEE great grips

    The Good:

    There really good the first minute i got the on there were really comfortable i used to ride animal edwins there awsome grip but i think these are better

    The Bad:

    nothing at all besides normal wear down

    Overall Review:

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    Vital BMX member luisjr2
    95199 luisjr2 /images/default/avatar/c50.png,95199/all 06/16/12 1 4

    clear black

    The Good:

    theyre pretty grippy, not expensive, comfy

    The Bad:

    bit rough on the hands, i havent ridden in a while so that might be why (all my callouses are gone) and the flanges were rubbing skin off my thumbs, no big deal i just started wearing gloves

    Overall Review:

    i like them so far... havent ridden them that much but they dont seem to be wearing too much at all, even with the gloves... theyre pretty solid

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    Vital BMX member sketchytravis
    70594 sketchytravis,70594/all 10/26/10 7,70594/setup 84 4919 8 9 3

    Good grips

    The Good:


    The Bad:

    wear down slightly faster

    Overall Review:

    These are comfortable and they lookk good

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    Vital BMX member demolition10aussie
    88997 demolition10aussie,88997/all 01/02/12 3 3


    Product Demolition Missile Grips
    Riding Type
    Materials Soft Kraton Rubber
    Length 6"
    Colors Clear Black and Black
    Weight N/A
    Price N/A
    More Info Demolition website