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Demolition Wise Grips

Average User Rating: (Mediocre)
Demolition Wise Grips IMG_2312
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“good for the money i have em'”

The Good: they have good grip on them and the bar ends stay on there.

The Bad: idk about the first two comments but maybe its the way i ride idk..these grips are still lasting me

Overall Review: good grips get em' and rip em'...

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“This grip tear down quickly”

The Good: like the bar end D logo

The Bad: i use it for a day and it tear at the middle very fast ,about a week i almost loos my grip on the right ..don't use when it sweat u lost grip totally ..

Overall Review: overall it not so good grip

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Length 146mm
Materials Soft Krayton Rubber
Colors White, Clear Black, Clear Purple and Black


Price N/A
More Info Demolition website