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Duo Brand Cranmer Grips

Average User Rating: (Good)
Duo Brand Cranmer Grips  Marble Swirl
C70_duo_cranmer_grip_marble_swirl C70_duo_cranmer_grip_cyan C70_89199190_1262897510

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    “Lasted a month...”

    The Good: They were grippy and soft

    The Bad: Honestly within 2 weeks of riding them they looked like they had melted. DO NOT BUY THESE GRIPS

    Overall Review: Switched them out for ODI longnecks wish they hadnt fallen apart so soon though. Don't buy them they came stock with my verde radia SEXYYY BIKE. but didnt last

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    “OKish grips”

    The Good: There amazing with gloves nice and soft.. plus colors

    The Bad: the wear quickly and they slip bare hand

    Overall Review: if u like riden with gloves or u have some buy these, find a color to match ur bike, and make sure u boil them

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    “Great Grips”

    The Good: Sticky, never slip

    The Bad: wear quick, slide on bars but you can boil them and stop that or blow air from a pump under them.

    Overall Review: I love em' definitely recommend these grips, but mine are white.

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    “not so good”

    The Good: they last forever and are thick as shit

    The Bad: wear quickly, hard, they slip out of your hands all the time and u lose whatever trick ur doing

    Overall Review: not so good...i wouldnt recomend them unless u like hard grips

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    Length 144mm length / 31mm diameter
    Materials Sold in pairs and includes bar ends
    Colors black, cyan, or marble swirl

    0 lb 4 oz (113 g)

    Miscellaneous Scotty Cranmer's signature grip — http://duobrand.com
    Price $10.99
    More Info Duo Brand website