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Duo Brand Martinez Grips

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Duo Brand Martinez Grips  Red
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    “Never Riding Any Other Grips”

    The Good: -Super soft -Really grippy, even with really sweaty hands. -Comfortable as fuck -The flanges are perfect, not too big and really soft -No wear within about a month

    The Bad: -Absolutely nothing

    Overall Review: These are by far the best grips I've ever had. They're super soft, super comfortable, and super grippy even with sweat, but they aren't wearing down at all and I've had them for a month.

    “Super soft right out of the gate.”

    The Good: as soon as i put them on my bike they were soft and comfy and were like they were broke in all ready . Also i like the small tapered flanges , they dont hurt your hands like other flanges .

    The Bad: There wearing down within a few hours of riding.

    Overall Review: I like these for there immediate comfort-ness. I love the flange , i usually cut all the flanges off my grip but these are the perfect size and tapered for comfort ness and they dont hurt your hand at all , but they do wear out fairly quickly.

    “One of the best”

    The Good: Soft, supportive, perfect width, awesome flange design and most importantly: good to great grip

    The Bad: LENGTH! obviously you know that you are buying a 140mm grip when you buy it but still gotta shout out to duo: Make them 150!!! and they will be the ultimate grip!

    Overall Review: The design of these is honestly genius, feels awesome all the time flanges are perfect; give the benefits of a flange but don't get in the way, think of these grips as the far superior version of the longneck. Will still give these a 5/5 because of the performance and overlook the short length.

    “The best grips”

    The Good: These are by FAR the best grips i've ever had, they are super comfy, the small flange is a great idea, it doesn't get in the way at all, they last a very very long time, super grippy and look amazing

    The Bad: Nothing i can think of :-)

    Overall Review: These are a real bargain, best grips you will ever have, comfortable, durable, grippy, stylish. Amazing grips

    “Facken sweet”

    The Good: Durable little suckers, the flanges are actually comfy and stay out of the way, great grip even for sweaty palms, comfy all around grip. The barends they come with arent bad either for PC.

    The Bad: Nothing what-so-ever. Haha kinda tight when you first try to get em on so its a hastle.

    Overall Review: Get em, wont regret em.


    Length 140mm length / 32mm diameter
    Materials Made in the USA by ODI and includes DUO bar ends
    Colors Black, red, or white

    0 lb 4 oz (113 g)

    Miscellaneous Corey Martinez's signature grip — http://duobrand.com
    Price $11.99
    More Info Duo Brand website