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Fit Cleveland Grips

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    “grip review”

    The Good: eventually get soft, sticky, the don't stretch, last forever and have a nice texture, have a nice dimension

    The Bad: the break in is really long, they are kinda thin, the bar ends absolutely suck

    Overall Review:

    I got the red ones, they were pretty good, and had them forever. If you want something that will last a while then these are really nice.

    Comfort - 3 out of 10 before break in/ 8 out of 10 after break in

    strength - 9 out of 10 (the edges tore a little and some spots lost their texture and got slick after a year)

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    “decent just too thin”

    The Good: comfy and look nice

    The Bad: suck for hard impacts. if your a smooth rider i guess they could be nice

    Overall Review: really thin so if you arnt a smooth rider they arnt the grips for you

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    Materials Proprietary Thermal Plastic
    Colors Black Purple Green Grey


    Price N/A
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