Kink Alpha Grips

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    “Pretty Gewd”

    The Good: comfy, pattern makes it sweat less, nice colors, don't slip , nice grip, doesn't give blisters

    The Bad: stretches, and...... bar ends >_>

    Overall Review: I got the black and green mix they look sick on my bike, and i do recommend in cuz their comfy as fuck

    “I ate shit first day because of these damn grips.”

    The Good: They're squishy, Padded nice

    The Bad: They are VERY slippery. VERY.

    Overall Review: Over all, these are the worst grips I have ever had. I've been using them for about a month now thinking I just need to break them in, but they just dont. they have no grip. First day I ate shit twice because of them. First time I was doinga manual and while keeping balance, my hands just slipped and I fell on my ass and it hurt like a mofo, second, I jumped off a 7ft ledge andmy hands slipped off and drilled my chest into the crossbar. Fuck these grips.

    “they're kink:P”

    The Good: they're kink

    The Bad: hard as a mutha fuckin rock

    Overall Review: got em on my 2011 liberty as stock grips and well...they felt like rocks. im sorry but these grips are probly the only bad kink product i know of.

    “They are ight”

    The Good: -easy to put on -affordable -flanges come of easily -last long

    The Bad: -kinda hurt the hands after a while of riding

    Overall Review: very good for the price but much rather of gotten animal edwins or odyssey keyboard grips

    “Absolutely worth the $10”

    The Good: Literally not even lying lasted me a year and a half before getting even the smallest tear

    The Bad: Nothing at all

    Overall Review: You saw the good, and it's exactly that they also have a very good grip just to begin with

    “dont last very long”

    The Good: they come in many colors they are soft

    The Bad: 1 week after i had them, they ripped they have flanges

    Overall Review: these grips just are not that cool, if u want a legit, dialed grip, go with the cult deharts

    “kink alpha”

    The Good: they are soft, and they dont give you blisters as much as the other grips

    The Bad: the rip pretty easy

    Overall Review: id reccomend if you prefer having soft grips instead of hard grips

    “sweet i the first to review lol”

    The Good: there really comfortable. and they don't wear down that fast either

    The Bad: slick when u start sweatin but thats a problom with just about every grip

    Overall Review: My fiend Cody got these and he's a sick rider and they lasted him along time but another pair only lasted his older bro like 2 weeks so i'm not sure what to say about how long they will last


    Length 144mm
    Materials Soft Kraton Rubber
    Colors Crimson Red, Green/Black, Gum, Clear, Black, White, Pink/Black


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