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ODI Longneck ST Grips

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ODI Longneck ST Grips Longneck ST_ColorsVital
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    “I'm not sure about this one”

    The Good: Ya they will last forever, literally

    The Bad: If u want soft grips don't buy these, but don't buy the Odis softies either

    Overall Review:

    These grips are great don't get me wrong, but I had to boil these grips 4 times before they became kinda soft, but good enough. They grips are gonna last you forever tho do if u don't new grips for a couple years then get these.

    “Good grips.”

    The Good: They are a really soft grip. They will not wear for a very long time. Lots of colors

    The Bad: Bar ends are pretty bad (rip easily. Get par ends) They are very short when you cut the flanges off.

    Overall Review:

    I got these grips for €10 off of chainreactioncycles.com and they came in 3 or 4 days, I rode them every day in the Summer and a bit in August with gloves on and they still have no wear.

    I wish they were just a little longer, they would then be perfect.

    “Durable and soft”

    The Good: These grips don't rip easily. Preeetttyyy comfy after worn in.

    The Bad: Take a while to break in. Get dirty pretty easily. Wish they were significantly longer

    Overall Review:

    Pretty basic grip. Good overall though!

    “odi longneck grips”

    The Good: they last a long time pretty comfy after they break in dont rip or tear flanges can be cut off

    The Bad: take a while to break in after a year or so they get sticky

    Overall Review:

    these grips are worth the money and last a long time!


    The Good: They last long, 10 bucks, they feel great, work in and stretch out.

    The Bad: Bar ends and they might dry your hands out.

    Overall Review: why would you buy any other grips? these are all you need


    Length 143mm
    Materials Constructed of proprietary grip compound for comfort and durability
    Colors Black, red, bright blue, orange, white, pink, purple, lime green, and aqua


    Price $9.99
    More Info ODI website