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ODI Longneck ST Grips

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ODI Longneck ST Grips Longneck ST_ColorsVital
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“Good grips.”

The Good: They are a really soft grip. They will not wear for a very long time. Lots of colors

The Bad: Bar ends are pretty bad (rip easily. Get par ends) They are very short when you cut the flanges off.

Overall Review:

I got these grips for €10 off of chainreactioncycles.com and they came in 3 or 4 days, I rode them every day in the Summer and a bit in August with gloves on and they still have no wear.

I wish they were just a little longer, they would then be perfect.

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“Durable and soft”

The Good: These grips don't rip easily. Preeetttyyy comfy after worn in.

The Bad: Take a while to break in. Get dirty pretty easily. Wish they were significantly longer

Overall Review:

Pretty basic grip. Good overall though!

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“odi longneck grips”

The Good: they last a long time pretty comfy after they break in dont rip or tear flanges can be cut off

The Bad: take a while to break in after a year or so they get sticky

Overall Review:

these grips are worth the money and last a long time!

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The Good: They last long, 10 bucks, they feel great, work in and stretch out.

The Bad: Bar ends and they might dry your hands out.

Overall Review: why would you buy any other grips? these are all you need

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Length 143mm
Materials Constructed of proprietary grip compound for comfort and durability
Colors Black, red, bright blue, orange, white, pink, purple, lime green, and aqua


Price $9.99
More Info ODI website