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ODI "O" Grips

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ODI "O"  Grips OGrip_purple

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    “I would shit on these if I could then I would take them to Odi and ask for my money back.”

    The Good: The good.. Ha that's real funny, good joke vital

    The Bad: I had these grips for 2 weeks and they where done.. They where comfy kinda, but they started to rip and shit... They also got very slippery when sweated on...

    Overall Review:

    Don't get these, I don't even go hard on grips and these wore out..

    “Great Grip”

    The Good: Once you wear them in they feel amazing and ive had for quite sometime

    The Bad: nadda, nothing wrong with em

    Overall Review:

    odi makes leggit grips i highly recommed odi espically the o grips

    “ODI ''O'' GRIPS ARE GREAT!!!”

    The Good: When i first got them they felt really good and i have had'em for 2 months and they are still like new and i ride everyday!!!

    The Bad: Nothing!!!!!

    Overall Review: Go to your Local bike shop and buy a pair!!!

    “pretty good grips”

    The Good: grip rely well, cheep

    The Bad: grip to much makes it hard to do a table top, suck to put on

    Overall Review: i would recommened them to alot of pepole, i just dont care for them

    “probably the nicest grips i ever did feel”

    The Good: they feel sooo nice and they never ware really

    The Bad: nothing i can think of

    Overall Review: friend of mine has these in purple they feel way better then my longnecks


    Length 143mm
    Materials New softer durometer compound
    Colors black, red, blue, white, purple


    Miscellaneous Made in the USA. The new "O" Grips for BMX offer an improved feel right out of the box. Multi-directional rib pattern provides excellent shock absorption.Thicker O-shaped ribs offer improved control. Includes dual color hard compound ODI barends. Packaging is made from 100% recycled material & includes a free ODI keychain.
    Price $9.99
    More Info ODI website