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Odyssey Team Grips Grips

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Odyssey Team Grips Grips Team Grips

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    “great grips”

    The Good: ribbed the right way cause ive had grips that are ribbed going from one side to another and i had alot of slip

    The Bad: none none at all

    Overall Review: great grips feel great in my hands (twss)

    “Thank you for flying Air BMX and have a wonderful day!”

    The Good: They look nice and grippy with that rib pattern,plus those things were thousands of feet in the air,on their journey from Taiwan!

    The Bad: What can be bad...they're grips!Imagine riding gripless...that'll be the new rage soon!

    Overall Review: Slap these bad boys on your new bars with the 30" wing span,and you will look like a pilot landing his aircraft after clearing a death gap!!

    “Like heaven... but its ribbed and made out of rubber!”

    The Good: It is a slim thin grip and supplies you with heaps of grip and comfort, i don't know why people are saying these wear out because they don't, they are still holding up and i bought them 4 months ago and rode almost every single day of those 4 months pretty hard.They come in some sick colours, and some weird ones...And they come with par ends, easily my favourite bar ends, they are an inch thick so you cant reck them,plus they come in the same colour as your grip now so thats pretty cool.They look good too when they are flangless.

    The Bad: they kinda peel and flake with the ribs but other than that they are bliss, they don't slip too much when wet/sweated on but then again, doesn't every grip?

    Overall Review: worth it in every way possible, do yourself a favour and go get these grips now!


    Although these grips are comfy and well priced, if you live in a hot climate or sweat alot, DO NOT buy these cause once you start sweating these grips 'll slip, bad.

    Several times I've fell backwards because my hand slipped on these grips.

    On the plus, they don't wear fast.


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    One of the most popular grips. Thinner feel. Ribbed for your pleasure, tall rib, short rib, tall, short, tall, short...

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    Featured color: black
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