Subrosa Skeleton Crew Grips

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    Really good and lasting

    The Good:

    They came on a used bike and ive had them for a year and a half. They really last and don't wear down a lot. They are soft and grippy even when wet.

    The Bad:

    Water can sometimes come in the sides if you ride for a lone time but that's the only problem.

    Overall Review:

    Very good they've lasted a long time and the only reason I'm replacing them is because I have crashed a few times and they were cut so water gets in when I ride and they slip around. They still haven't worn down all the way after a year and a half.

    I hate them.

    The Good:

    Comfy for a little while.

    The Bad:

    Start to wear really fast and the grip gets holes soon after. I think they lasted like half a month and I don't ride hard at all.

    Overall Review:

    I would never buy them again and suggest you don't either.

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    Vital BMX member conner.laibinis
    93995 conner.laibinis,93995/all 05/13/12 1 1


    Product Subrosa Skeleton Crew Grips
    Riding Type Freestyle
    Materials New soft yet durable material - 25 duromter
    Length 150mm
    Type Flange
    Colors Black, Purple, Blue, Red, Gray Marble, Blue Marble, Orange Marble
    Weight N/A
    Price N/A
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