Shadow Conspiracy 138 Grips

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Shadow Conspiracy 138 Grips 103-07011_TSC_138Grip_Black-Iso
C70_103_07011_tsc_138grip_black_iso C70_139_07011_tsc_138grip_cred_iso C70_114_07011_tsc_138grip_clear_iso C70_126_07011_tsc_138grip_purple_iso C70_105_07011_tsc_138grip_white_iso C70_109_07011_tsc_138grips_permablue_iso

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    “Shadow 138 grips”

    The Good: They're real grippy and they do great with sweat

    The Bad: they rip kinda easy and I wish they were a little shorter but other than that these grips are the shit. Plus Trey Jones is a badass!

    Overall Review:

    One of my favorite grips. They look sweet, and feel great! Definitely buying them again.


    The Good: they are well looking they are really grippy they come in a lot of colors

    The Bad: it wear out fastly shadow bar ends sucks (after a week of riding they were completely destroyed)

    Overall Review:

    they are pretty good but they wear iut fastly and their bar ends suck (i had to change them with fit plastic ones)...

    “Really sick!”

    The Good: -Come soft even before you break them in -Flangeless but still protects your bars decently -Don't wear out too fast -Soft rubber -Llooooooonnnggg -Fine with sweat

    The Bad: -Rips pretty easily

    Overall Review:

    It's nice to have these grips around where I live since it's super humid and these don't slip easily at all. It's also pretty cool to see Trey's look of accomplishment when he sees them on your bars haha

    “Great Grips”

    The Good: Soft, Comfortable Grips

    The Bad: They rip easily

    Overall Review:

    Overall these grips are some of the best i have ever had. They are a little disappointing when its hot and your hands get slippery, but overall i would recommend these grips to anyone.

    “Shadow 138's”

    The Good: Grippy. Almost instantly broke in. long without flanges, and nice and soft. Bar ends aren't total sh*t

    The Bad: I have now had these for 10 months and they are still going. A little bit worn in some small spots but no tearing or anything

    Overall Review:

    10 months of riding in both cold weather and warm weather and these are still going! Still grippy even in the areas that are worn down. I would recommend them to everyone considering how long they've lasted and how good they look and feel.

    Updated my rating to 4.5 from 4.0 since I've gotten a chance to ride these a lot more

    They don't get very slippery when your hands get sweaty either.
    The bar ends have held up surprisingly well consider all the dropping and throwing of my bike. Only one of them has a tiny little split in the nylon that doesn't even matter


    Length 155mm
    Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Blue, Clear, Perma Blue


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