Shadow Conspiracy Finger Banger Grips Grips

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Shadow Conspiracy Finger Banger Grips Grips s600_103_07003_L_TSC_FingerBangerGrip_Black_8bit
C70_s600_103_07003_l_tsc_fingerbangergrip_black_8bit C70_s600_126_07003_l_tsc_fingerbangergrip_purple_8bit C70_s600_105_07003_l_tsc_fingerbangergrip_white_8bit C70_s600_113_07003_tsc_fingerbangergrip_olive_s1 C70_s600_132_07003_l_tsc_fingerbangergrip_lg_lime_8bit C70_s600_104_07003_tsc_fingerbangergrip_blue_s1 C70_s600_145_07003_l_tsc_fingerbangergrip_lg_orange_s2 C70_s600_102_07003_l_tsc_fingerbangergrip_lg_red_s2 C70_s600_108_07003_tsc_fingerbangergrips_yellow_iso
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Lasted about 3 weeks riding about two hours a day everyday. I will admit that I had the slim ones and will give them another shot at later date using the thicker grip. Hopefully they will be better.

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Vital BMX member NC_Scrapper
225 NC_Scrapper,225/all 08/16/06 13,225/setup 5 1 1



i had apear of large finger banger grips and i thought they where to big and thay wore out very fast ive also had the small grips and withing a mounth of riding i wore a hole in the to my bars

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Vital BMX member hazardbike
3512 hazardbike,3512/all 02/08/07 13 5,3512/setup 9 11 11



These are comfy, but they wear out in like a week. Get these if you feel like getting new grips in a week or want soft grips.

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Vital BMX member brian139
2383 brian139,2383/all 12/21/06 12 1 2 1


Product Shadow Conspiracy Finger Banger Grips Grips
Riding Type Freestyle
Length 144mm
Type Flange
Colors Black, white, dark red, purple, highlighter blue, highlighter yellow, olive, electric lime, october orange
Weight N/A
Price N/A
Miscellaneous – Small grip 25 durometer
– Large grips 30 durometer
– Shadow nylon bar ends included
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