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Shadow Conspiracy Finger Banger Grips Grips

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Shadow Conspiracy Finger Banger Grips Grips s600_103_07003_L_TSC_FingerBangerGrip_Black_8bit
C70_s600_103_07003_l_tsc_fingerbangergrip_black_8bit C70_s600_126_07003_l_tsc_fingerbangergrip_purple_8bit C70_s600_105_07003_l_tsc_fingerbangergrip_white_8bit C70_s600_113_07003_tsc_fingerbangergrip_olive_s1 C70_s600_132_07003_l_tsc_fingerbangergrip_lg_lime_8bit C70_s600_104_07003_tsc_fingerbangergrip_blue_s1 C70_s600_145_07003_l_tsc_fingerbangergrip_lg_orange_s2 C70_s600_102_07003_l_tsc_fingerbangergrip_lg_red_s2 C70_s600_108_07003_tsc_fingerbangergrips_yellow_iso

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    “worst grips”

    The Good: they felt good for like one day and thats it.

    The Bad: really small in length, they rip in like a couple days worst grips i have ever had didnt even last me one week.

    Overall Review: worst grips dont get them ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Not the best grips”

    The Good: soft, comfy, grippy

    The Bad: wear out really fast, slippery when sweaty

    Overall Review: Legit I bought a bike with these grips on them and i went riding for 7.5 hours at our local skatepark. when i got home they were bare! I didnt wear any gloves but i found that if you wear gloves they dont wear out as fast.

    “best grips ever..... for 3 weeks”

    The Good: the best griping most comfortable grips ever good colors cheap

    The Bad: they wear down to nothing after about a month of not riding every day and in about 2 weeks of hard riding

    Overall Review: even though they wear down super fast they are one of my favorite grips ever just make sure to get the thick ones


    Length Small or large circumference / 144mm length
    Colors Black, white, dark red, purple, highlighter blue, highlighter yellow, olive, electric lime, october orange


    Miscellaneous – Small grip 25 durometer – Large grips 30 durometer – Shadow nylon bar ends included
    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website