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Shadow Conspiracy Lil Dirty Grips Grips

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Shadow Conspiracy Lil Dirty Grips Grips s600_103_07002_TSC_LilDirtyGrip_Black_8bit
C70_s600_103_07002_tsc_lildirtygrip_black_8bit C70_s600_104_07002_tsc_lildirtygrip_blue_s1 C70_s600_126_07002_tsc_lildirtygrip_purple_8bit C70_s600_139_07002_tsc_lildirtygrip_crimsonred_s2 C70_s600_108_07002_tsc_lildirtygrip_yellow

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    “the shadow suck dick grips”

    The Good: Lets see her.........Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm UHH NOTHING!

    The Bad: EVERYTHING!

    Overall Review: worst grips ever! soooooo hard no grip at all. Animal edwins all day if you want good grips! wont regret them at all!

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    “Good and clean”

    The Good: i like thin grips and these are them

    The Bad: wear kinda fast but no big deal

    Overall Review: try em out if u got 8 bucks to blow and cut the flanges off cuz it looks and feels so bad ass

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    “shadow grip”

    The Good: great if you lke thin grips

    The Bad: wear out too fast.

    Overall Review: this grip is cool but the fatter OG version is awesome! Been running the OG style for two years!

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    I dont like these at all. way to thin for me, i do a lot of barspins and it was terrible, constantly getting bruises on my hand from catching them. and they rip very easy, i ditched my bike and my grip had a huge rip in it. they are pretty sticky though.

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