Shadow Conspiracy Local Grips

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Shadow Conspiracy Local  Grips 109-07010_TSC_LocalGrips_PermaBlue-Iso
C70_109_07010_tsc_localgrips_permablue_iso C70_103_07010_tsc_localgrips_black_s1 C70_139_07010_tsc_localgrips_crimsonred_s1 C70_108_07010_tsc_localgrip_yellow C70_126_07010_tsc_localgrips_purple_s1 C70_105_07010_tsc_localgrips_white_s1 C70_20128350 C70_20128354
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    “Worst Grips I've Ever Had”

    The Good:

    Nothing other than they're thick.

    The Bad:

    Short, uncomfortable as hell, give you rank blisters, really sweaty, and feel really weird.

    Overall Review:

    These grips are awful! They're the worst grips I've ever had, and I only had them for 2 weeks. I feel bad for Ben Hucke.

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    Vital BMX member BMX-Canadian
    86702 BMX-Canadian,86702/all 11/02/11 1 9,86702/setup 11 58 5 13

    “Pretty soft”

    The Good:

    Really thick, a LOT thicker than most grips, and when you get past the fact that they feel weird because of that, they're actually comfortable. Great bar ends, too.

    The Bad:

    Hard to get dirt off of after a wreck, they trap heat (so it feels), so your hands sweat a lot worse, and when these grips are wet, they suck.

    Overall Review:

    Pretty comfortable but just don't get them wet.

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    Vital BMX member VerdeDCD
    97816 VerdeDCD,97816/all 08/26/12 7 9 1

    “pretty good grips”

    The Good:

    last a while, shadow conspiracy really thick

    The Bad:

    white gets really dirty

    Overall Review:

    idk why but they gave me blisters like hell, not sayin it'll happen to u, cause most grips do that to me... i recomened em if u wanna get em, but i'll probly stick to cult grips, but thas just pearsonal preferance good grips tho

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    Vital BMX member Purple bike
    90070 Purple bike,90070/all 01/31/12 8 2,90070/setup 55 855 27 12

    “Chunky grips!”

    The Good:

    i've had em for 2 weeks and they're very comfortable! they're thicker than most grips so they feel chunky as fuck

    The Bad:

    none so far

    Overall Review:

    my favourite grips i've ridden so far

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    Vital BMX member brianoob
    57205 brianoob,57205/all 01/30/10 16 16,57205/setup 153 5694 67 5 6

    “I thought that they were alright”

    The Good:

    The bar ends are good and they are all right for a little bit

    The Bad:

    You get a lot of throttle grip and you have to put lube on them a lot so they hold

    Overall Review:

    Ya they are all right for a month and then they are shit

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    Vital BMX member Sammygordon
    87517 Sammygordon,87517/all 11/24/11 1 29 127 1 9 4

    “Dont get them!!!!!”

    The Good:

    They feel good for like the first week

    The Bad:

    After the first week they rip so easily and then they have no grip they slip so much and hurt the shit out of ur hands!!!

    Overall Review:

    They suck... This is the only shadow part that let me down...


    Length Medium circumference / 144mm length
    Materials Specially designed ribs and new material
    Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Blue, Highlighter Yellow, Clear, Perma Blue


    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website

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