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Amber Veil Handlebars

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Amber Veil Handlebars v12-8.5-group
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    “Not Bad For The Money”

    The Good: Price 29.99 not too bad Full Chromo

    The Bad: nothing at all

    Overall Review: ordered 8.25s they sent me a size bigger, yet still happy with them, sweet prices, nice quality, does the job well

    “Works for me!”

    The Good: price: Got 'em for 9.99, other than that, they were just what I was looking for, for much less money than I expected.

    The Bad: I guess they are a little heavy, but they aren't much heavier than the Stolen bars I replaced.

    Overall Review: Got the 8" rise for my 24" Stolen Saint. The 7.25" that come stock were a little low and stumpy for my taste. With the Amber Veil bars on there it's changing my comfort and control dramatically. And the price was just sweet. I bought them just for ha has. But they happen to be just what I needed.

    “cheap cheap”

    The Good: ...... nothing.. i guess you get what you pay for. got these for free

    The Bad: them being heavy isnt a bad thing infact its a good thing because that could mean that the bars are strong! NO i bent the shit outta these bars.

    Overall Review: bend bend bend you can tell the moment your bars are bending by looking at the paint where the crossbar meets.... bent these shits first day i put em on. they have good sizes to them tho

    “Decent bars”

    The Good: Nice paintwork, i like the feel of these bars.

    The Bad: Heavy! Just being chromo doesn't make them light, these bars are hefty

    Overall Review: Good looking nice feeling bars, wouldn't wanna be hit by them though :')


    Rise Available in 8", 8.25", 8.5", 8.75"
    Width 8" Rise= 28", 8.25" Rise= 28.5", 8.5" Rise= 28.5", 8.75" Rise= 29"
    Upsweep 8" Rise= 2 Degrees, 8.25" Rise= 2 Degrees, 8.5" Rise= 2 Degrees, 8.75" Rise= 2"
    Backsweep 8" Rise= 12 Degrees, 8.25" Rise=12 Degrees, 8.5" Rise= 12 Degrees, 8.75" Rise = 12 Degrees
    Cross Bar OD 19mm
    Construction 100% Japanese Chromoly
    Colors Matte Black, Matte Red, Matte Blue, Matte Phosphate

    2 lb 4.6 oz (1.0 kg)

    Miscellaneous Buy at www.veinbmx.com
    Price $29.99
    More Info Amber website