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BSD High Lander Handlebars

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
BSD High Lander Handlebars bsdproductsbarshighlander003red
C70_bsdproductsbarshighlander003red C70_bsdproductsbarshighlander004black C70_bsdproductsbarshighlander002crabshack C70_bsdproductsbarshighlander005detailblackgraphic

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    “BSD Highlander Bars ”

    The Good: Perfect average height, good range or colours, put to the test by a series of good riders

    The Bad: Nothing, the bars are good!

    Overall Review:

    Look nice and clean,Perfect average height, good range or colours, put to the test by a series of good riders

    “Best handlebars I've ever owned!”

    The Good: Pretty light, strong, nice decals on it.

    The Bad: Nothing bad about them to me!

    Overall Review:

    Kriss Kyle is my all-time favorite rider, and once I saw these bars for sale, I knew I had to have one because he used to run them! Well, I regret nothing! These bars are perfect in dimensions for me. I am 5,6". I really recommend these bars with a topload if you are a taller rider though. This is a good product from BSD!

    “meowtasticly amazing”

    The Good: They feel great, look great, and meow great.

    The Bad: Enough has been said.

    Overall Review:

    they are too awesome for you, you should get them anyways to show every body you can meow better than them.

    “Highlander bar”

    The Good: the geometry - its brilliant for the rise, makes everything feel real comfortable anfd all the welds make it look very clean the paint - got mine in ED black and the paint job is brilliant no chip and i have had plenty of bails from nozza's when the bike has landed bar first on the ground and nothing happenes no big scratches the strength - these bars are very strong no flex at all which is brilliant

    The Bad: nothing much would say the cross tube could be a few mm higher but its nothing really its all visual and not enough BSD parts are sold through australian bike shops

    Overall Review:

    these bars are brilliant for the price and quality of everything

    i bought my pair from Strictly BMX$79 AUS so go get them if you want 8.5'' by 29'' bars

    “BSD High Lander”

    The Good: The right geometry for me 8.5" rise The gloss black is sick! Paint doesn't chip or even scratch easy Light

    The Bad: A little bit too much paint on the knurls, made my bars slip a lot. I just sanded that area down a bit and it's all good now

    Overall Review:

    Great bars for $60

    Just sand down the knurls a bit so your bars don't slip. But not too much to the point that all the paint comes off because it'll rust.


    Rise 8.5"
    Width 29″
    Backsweep 11°
    Cross Bar OD 20mm
    Construction Butted post weld heat treated 4130 chromoly.
    Colors Black, chrome, crabshack blue, red, white, raw

    1 lb 10.4 oz (748 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info BSD website