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Coalition Holy Cross Bars Handlebars

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Coalition Holy Cross Bars Handlebars Coa holy cross 8-1.25_8.5_
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    “there allrite”

    The Good: they look cool and arent too big. there good for barspins and all that cool stuff

    The Bad: i bent mine kind of easy but like bmxguitar5 said they have lifetime warranty so thats cool.

    Overall Review: good bars for the price. i had them in black but traded them for odyssey lumberjacks wich i love cause im a tall rider.

    “yooo, siiicckkk”

    The Good: nice medium sized bars (LARGE size by the way), nice height, cut outs look sooo sweet, and too save weight lol, and are to to expensive.

    The Bad: there is no bad, apart from, need more colours.

    Overall Review: perfect, look sick, nice and light and have nice colours, and yeh, i would totally purchase these and recommend them to others.

    “dont know yet”

    The Good: they look beast

    The Bad: they havent been shipped yet to my house =(

    Overall Review: i ordered these off of danscomp.com in teal and they should be in in 3 days so order off danscomp people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please they give you a free schick hydro with every order =)


    Rise 8.25" or 8.5"
    Width 28.5"
    Upsweep 1
    Backsweep 12
    Cross Bar OD 22mm
    Construction 11 butted heat-treated cromo
    Colors black and red

    1 lb 8 oz (680 g)

    Miscellaneous 11 butted 4130 chromoly. Crossbar drilled for weight savings. Fully Heat Treated. Available in the following sizes: 8.25 ” rise | 12 degree back sweep | 1 degree up sweep | 29.5″ wide. David Grant Signature Size 8.5 ” rise | 12 degree back sweep | 1 degree up sweep | 29.5″ wide. Comes with two different stickers that cover the entire cross bar. Available in Matte Black (charcoal) and Blood Red
    Price $56.99
    More Info Coalition website