Colony 2012 Bullbars Handlebars (discontinued)

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Colony 2012 Bullbars Handlebars bars-bullbars-purple3-wbg
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    “kindof sick”

    The Good:

    they will never bend or flex, look sick, really high crossbar, strong

    The Bad:

    paint on the matte collors comes off even if you scrape it with your fingernails

    Overall Review:

    i love these but i had to repaint them... im gettin cult death row bars now so if you want some bull bars hit me up 50 bucks

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    Vital BMX member sameslabombito
    71852 sameslabombito,71852/all 11/23/10,71852/setup 4 4 6 1

    “bull baring”

    The Good:

    nice and lite look sweat

    The Bad:

    nothin there just right

    Overall Review:

    these bars are great ive been runnin these bars for about 7 months now and they dont look like there goin to break anytime soon i would recommend them to anyone

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    Vital BMX member Jason_Vallance
    67176 Jason_Vallance,67176/all 08/22/10 5 1 1

    “richos barss”

    The Good:

    really nice and hold up really good. can take abuse

    The Bad:

    i found them to wide so i hit my dick when i bar.

    Overall Review:

    i recommend them to taller/older people. i might buy some dagger bars.

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    Vital BMX member JarrodBmxWA
    71355 JarrodBmxWA,71355/all 11/11/10 3,71355/setup 257 1862 6 11 1

    “colony bull bars = the best”

    The Good:

    they have no flex or bad feel about them ive been torturing my bike and nothing has gone wrong with them

    The Bad:

    not enough hight to them make them 8.5 at least

    Overall Review:

    the best bars ive ever ridden and the best part about them is they are designed for hard riding

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    Vital BMX member fracture
    11524 fracture,11524/all 10/31/07 28 8 1 13 2 12

    “bloody oath v1”

    The Good:

    the first version is great. good geomitry and great feel and handle

    The Bad:

    nothing realy to ssay. i hit my stomach when i barspin?

    Overall Review:

    great bars clean look good handleing deffinitly a safe buy

    Rate review: 0 Up Down
    Vital BMX member tposey
    32443 tposey,32443/all 10/14/08 59 7 1,32443/setup 4 45 22 5


    i have the v2.there amazing

    i have the v2. there amazing

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    Vital BMX member stayfitlife
    48366 stayfitlife,48366/all 07/29/09 12 9,48366/setup 15 1662 14 1 3


    fucken love these bars,i got the grand slam bars i dont like them they look low on my bike selling them there on my page on my bike just give em a offer,colony bloody oath bars for life

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    Vital BMX member Colonycustom
    47989 Colonycustom,47989/all 07/22/09 1 1 2 17 1


    buying these bars. look fukn sick.

    Rate review: 0 Up Down
    Vital BMX member thebmxbandit
    43505 thebmxbandit,43505/all 04/27/09 1 2,43505/setup 24 25 2


    these bars are so sick and there way beter then the sundays belive me i had the sundays there not as good as the colony ones there a little long i cut them down so there 271/2..perfect


    I am selling these bars for anyone who want them just send me an offer there are picture on my page 10/10

    Rate review: 0 Up Down
    Vital BMX member vincentebbert
    38967 vincentebbert,38967/all 01/20/09 1 195 14 76 1662 1 29 9 5


    Rise 8.25"
    Width 29.5"
    Upsweep 1"
    Backsweep 12"
    Cross Bar OD
    Construction 11 Butted Full Heat Treated Colonized CrMo
    Colors Matt Red, Rising Blue, Chrome, Matt Black & White.

    1 lb 12.9 oz (820 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Colony website

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