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Federal Lacey Handlebars

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Federal Lacey Handlebars lacey
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The Good: Sooo nice feel awesome I reccommend them to anyone

The Bad: Nothing!!!!!!

Overall Review: Buy these bars they are so light and very strong and there Lacey's bars and he is a ******* animal!!!!!

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“GREAT bars!”

The Good: as far as i know these are the lightest bars of their size. and there made by fedral so you kno there strong!

The Bad: The stickers peal off after a few days of riding but thats no big deal.

Overall Review: these bars are great bars for any ony who likes wide bars, and wants to take off some weight.

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“Very Good Bars”

The Good: Much lighter than the old steel bars i had on my bike, and super strong as well

The Bad: Nothing really

Overall Review: Really light but strong aswell, have survived a few hard smashes; overall the best bars i couldve got.

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Rise 8.3"
Width 28"
Upsweep 1
Backsweep 12
Cross Bar OD
Construction 13 Butted, 20/20 HT
Colors ED Black, Flat Blue, Teal, Purple

1 lb 6 oz (624 g)

Miscellaneous Dan Lacey's Second Generation Signature bar, designed to withstand insane abuse and already a classic!
Price N/A
More Info Federal website