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Fit SKY HIGH Handlebars

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    “Almost as hard as my bonner”

    The Good: Freakin amazing bars I love everything about them get them please

    The Bad: You need to scrape the paint off the knurling or else ur bars are go going to slip really bad so I would defiantly recommend doing that as soon as u get them

    Overall Review: Great bars get them while they still sell them. Well done fit well done.

    “sick bars love them”

    The Good: there fit light strong don't slip best bars i ever had i got mine off a friend 2 years ago and are hella sick never ever had 1 problem with them!!!!

    The Bad: nothing wrong with them

    Overall Review: good bars love them would not get trade them for any thing else

    “great bars”

    The Good: i 've had mine for like a year and it's still in shape and my bars usually get pretty beaten up by me and it's still not bend so that's nice

    The Bad: the crossbar dents pretty easy i dented mine when it hit a rail but that was after having it for a year so it was not that big of a deal to me as i allready wanted to buy new bars anyway

    Overall Review: a good bar wich won't bend but the crossbar is kinda weak that's my only problem i had with it a friend of mine bought mine after i had it for a year and i think he will be able to ride with it for a long time. i sold mine because i bought the cult leader bars.


    The Good: EVERYTHING, they have great geomertry, and they have a lime time warranty so if you do snap them (which you will never do) you can get another one for free

    The Bad: nothing at all

    Overall Review: Best bars you can ever get, will never snap and they feel great!


    Rise 8.25"
    Width 29"
    Upsweep 1.5°
    Backsweep 11°
    Cross Bar OD 3/4"
    Construction 4130 Chromoly
    Colors Black, White, Chrome & Limited Editions

    0 lb 0 oz (0 g)

    Miscellaneous Crossbar Height: 5.75” Crossbar Width: 9.86”
    Price N/A
    More Info Fit website