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Nitrous OG Handlebars

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Nitrous OG Handlebars Bars Nitrous 8 Matte Red LoRes
C70_bars_nitrous_8_matte_red_lores C70_bars_nitrous_8_point_5_matte_black_lores C70_bars_nitrous_8_matte_hot_blue_lores C70_bars_nitrous_8_matte_white_lores

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    “they're pretty good”

    The Good: - they're light - they come in sweet colors (I like the red) - they're cheap

    The Bad: - they scratch easily - probably easy enough to break

    Overall Review:

    My brother got these as a graduation gift. They're nice! they feel like they're pretty strong especially for around 30 bucks. not gonna find any other bars for that little,especially that seem to be this nice

    “Nitrous Bars”

    The Good: Really Light and Cheap. Sick colors.

    The Bad: Really weak. Bend really easy. Slip a lot, need to tighten stem really good. Not god for barspins.

    Overall Review: If you are on a tight budget and arent a very hard rider and is a weight bitch, go for it! Otherwise your better off spending more money on better quality bars.

    “Pretty frickin sweet”

    The Good: Nice colors, real light for just 33 bucks, the Matte Balck ones have a real nice paint job. I ride with no barends and they can deffinatley take a hit.

    The Bad: Slide a bit so make sure your stem is tighter than your butthole.

    Overall Review: Great bars for the price, nice if your low on money like me.

    “U pay for what u get”

    The Good: they good if u not a hard rider at all

    The Bad: bend down bad

    Overall Review: My friend rides them and he bent them down all sick. he a smooth rider its just that he had a few hard drops that all

    “Nut Buster bars”

    The Good: They come in 8.5''

    The Bad: Not good barspin bars no siree

    Overall Review: Get em if u poor as hell and want sick ass bars Had mine for almist a year now still going an been on2 bikes
    Overall Review: Get em if u poor as hell and want sick ass bars Had mine for almist a year now still going an been on2 bikes


    Rise 7", 8", 8.25" & 8.5" Available
    Width 7" Rise= 25", 8" Rise= 28", 8.25" Rise= 28.5", 8.5" Rise= 28.5"
    Upsweep 7" Rise= 5 Degrees, 8" Rise= 2 Degrees, 8.25" Rise= 2 Degrees, 8.5" Rise= 2 Degrees
    Backsweep 7" Rise= 10 Degrees, 8" Rise= 12 Degrees, 8.25" Rise=12 Degrees, 8.5" Rise= 12 Degrees
    Cross Bar OD 19mm
    Construction 100% Chromoly
    Colors Matte Black, Matte Hot Blue, Matte Red, Matte White

    7" Rise: 1 lb 11.7 oz (785 g)

    8" Rise: 2 lb 0.5 oz (921 g)

    8.5" Rise: 2 lb 3.1 oz (995 g)

    8.25" Rise: 2 lb 2.3 oz (972 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Nitrous website