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Premium Products Whiskey Bar Handlebars

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Premium Products Whiskey Bar  Handlebars 2011_whiskybar_red
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    “whiskey bars”

    The Good: everything! they are strong match my bike which is rare for parts cromoloy welds are great the paint doesnt even chip...its awesome

    The Bad: if your a weigh person then its not the lightest but for being as solid as they are they are damn light

    Overall Review: so i have a verde prism and i bent my bars and got these then on our little half pipe i dropped it same as another kid who happened to have a stock verde prism and we went bar on bar and head on head...it dented his barrsaka my old ones!!!! AWESOME!!!!

    “really nice bars”

    The Good: they are very strong and light perfect sweep and every thing.

    The Bad: nothing these are great bars

    Overall Review: greatest bars if your really hard on bars these are proboly for you there reallly strong
    Overall Review: greatest bars if your really hard on bars these are proboly for you there reallly strong

    “hand me down bars from a friend”

    The Good: Everything.

    The Bad: nothing at all great barsss

    Overall Review: my friend got them december of 09 and he rode them until end of june 10, and then gave them to me and i passed them on to my very abusive friend because he needed bars and he threw them around sooo much and they are still aye ok. i have had them again since march of 11 and there still going

    “I love them”

    The Good: Perfect geo for bars, very strong.

    The Bad: Nothing so far.

    Overall Review: I have had these bars since June of '10 and i have never had any problems with them. I would highly suggest these bars to anyone who is looking for new bars.


    Rise 8.25"
    Width 28"
    Upsweep 1
    Backsweep 12
    Cross Bar OD
    Construction Triple butted cromoly heat treated
    Colors Flat Red, Acid Bath, Flat Green & Black

    1 lb 10 oz (737 g)

    Miscellaneous The Whiskey Bar! These are a street riders dream bar, not too much up sweep, and plenty of backsweep. You know they're strong because you've seen the Premium team jumping to flat plenty of times with these bars on.
    Price N/A
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