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S&M Slam Handlebars

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S&M Slam Handlebars Slam

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    “good so far”

    The Good: Straight gauged chromo makes them a bit stronger then all the stretched out butted bars haven't bent our cracked yet have had them for about a year and ride pretty hard at the trails I ride but I haven't been riding hard since August had to rebuild since we got bulldozed

    The Bad: It you scrap on a concrete wall or something like that the paint will scratch but that's expected so far so good

    Overall Review: I love these bars they may be overrated. a lot of people have talked up these bars since their creation. I remember ever since back in the day they were the got to have bars, but I'm happy with them I can see why there is so much talk about slams. buy em if you don't like em that's your thing, I'm sure you'll find someone that will trade or buy them if you hate these bars.

    “Love these bars”

    The Good: Very strong

    The Bad: Nothing at all

    Overall Review:

    If you want bars that aren't going to break you can trust these. I've put these bars through a lot of abuse and they've head up like its nothing.  Barley even dented or scratched.  I've never had a problem with these bars, love them.

    “S&M slam bars”

    The Good: I have had them for a while and love them. Keep it OG.

    The Bad: A little heavy compared to other bars but other bars are butted that is y others are lighter.

    Overall Review:

    If u want good bars that while last a long time get S&M slam bars only if u are not afraid of a bit more weight.


    The Good: really srong and look great

    The Bad: nothing best bars eva

    Overall Review: they raelly are the best bars ive eva ridden been riding them for about 2 years now and had no problems there the perfect size to. the grand slams are way to wide recommended for all ridazzz!!!


    The Good: ah havent got the bars yet buy im new to the site how do you order the stuff is there a phone number or can you order it offline i cant see and aplication thing that i can click to put in the credit card info

    The Bad: adsfasdfasdfadsfdf

    Overall Review: asdfasdfadsfasdfasdfasdfasdf

    “Slam Barsssss”

    The Good: everything, These are perfect in every way

    The Bad: Bad and S&M should not be used in the same sentence

    Overall Review: Strong, USA Made, light n sexy. Love the chrome! I will rock these bars til the day I die


    Cross Bar OD

    Width: 28"
    Rise: 8"
    Sweep: 12 degree
    Up Sweep: 1 degree
    Cross Bar: 7/8"
    Weight: 2 lbs


    "NO BUTTS...NO SH*T! Ride em un-cut"

    • Width: 28"
    • Rise: 8"
    • Sweep: 12 degree
    • Up Sweep: 1 degree
    • Cross Bar: 7/8"
    • Weight: 2 lbs


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