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Stolen Cell Handlebars

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Stolen Cell Handlebars Cell Bars

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    “Buy some Stolen Cell Bars”

    The Good: cheap, heat treated, good warranty, color options

    The Bad: people are pussy to buy from the company

    Overall Review:

    I think these bars are great, never had a problem with them. You can cut the length of the bars with out voiding the warranty also they are heat treated to make them stronger. You can get the Stolen Cell Bars for $44.99 on dans, which is pretty cheap for some bars. Like I aid I've never had a problem with the bars.

    “Nice and light”

    The Good: i love how light they are. come in good sizes, cut lines, dont break or bend, what more could you want??

    The Bad: nothing yet? i cut mine a lil too small

    Overall Review:

    i love these bars. beautiful color and super light! when i got the box from danscomp i didnt think they put them in there til i opened it up! haha thats how light they are!! i liked them wide but i figures i would get them cut by my neighborhood hillbilly just cuz it had lines and i grip close in anyways haha. they come at 28.5 i cut em to 26. shouldve left em at 27 how i like em. and the main reason they are strong as they are is because the crossbar is real high. i think they are kinda hard to barspin because of the bends, but otherwise they are perfect! go get yourself a pair!

    “9 months and still working”

    The Good: Cheap, reasonable sizes to choose from, stronger with the crossbar being higher

    The Bad: If you're a front-heavy rider, bending and cracking forks and bars i don't recommend these. I kinda bent mine (just a tad bit) and i dont give them a hard time.

    Overall Review:

    If you're a young beginner or running on a budget i recommend them, quite strong even though there are stronger bars out there.

    Also they have grooves if you want to cut them, doesn't void warranty which has a lifetime of it.

    “strong bars”

    The Good: had em for over a year and they're just now starting to crack

    The Bad: nothing, fantastic design,

    Overall Review: these bars have outlasted 2 frames being broken definitely getting these bars again just wish i didnt lose the receipt

    “For the baller on a budget...”

    The Good: Cheap, strong, BIG.

    The Bad: too long IMHO

    Overall Review: Everyone's into super big bars and these are pretty big, I had to cut them down about half an inch just to feel that I wasn't doing wide grip pushups all day... maybe that's why mine never bent... either that or just because I don't land on my bars.

    “F-YEA! (Its like riding sex)”

    The Good: Big, strong, tall, light, and nice colors.

    The Bad: Not everyone has the balls to buy it and see how nice they ride.

    Overall Review: I run a stolen stem, seat post, bottom bracket, frame, and bars. A lot of bike comps are under rated by trolls and kids that "were told" that they suck even when they never used the dam part in the first place. But Stolen is a legit company and these bars are far from bad. So buy them cuz ITS SO FUCKING WORTH IT!


    Rise 8.65” , 8.25” , 8” or 7.5”
    Width (28.5” wide), (28” wide), (28” wide) or (25.5” wide)
    Upsweep 2°
    Backsweep 10°
    Cross Bar OD 19mm
    Construction 9x butted 4130 Chromoly. P2 post-production heat treated
    Colors Black, Gang Green, Matte Blue, Matte Red, Neon Orange, or White

    1 lb 10.4 oz (748 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website