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Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Handlebars

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Shadow Conspiracy Vultus  Handlebars 109-06456_TSC_VultusBars_PermaBlue
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    “Great bars”

    The Good: Very strong (hacksaw w/ fresh blade couldn't touch them, had to get the grinder out!)

    The Bad: price is (obviously) on the 'crazy' side for 2 pieces of steel tubing, but same can be said for most other bars on the market

    Overall Review:

    Have the 9.5" rise bars and cut their width from 28.5" to 26.5" (i'm not too big and don't like wide bars anyways) Also I've got my stem upside-down, so my 'effective bar height' is actually ~8.75" rise not 9.5" 

    These bars look sick and I couldn't even touch them w/ a hacksaw with a fresh blade, had to get my angle grinder out to cut them down to 26.5" width. 

    These are my 2nd set of 'nice' aftermarket bars, the 1st being Fit bars, and honestly I can say that these bars are both great, and not remotely worth the money, but, hey, i'm just cheap!  I've seen aaron ross' orange odyssey bars for $40 in the past couple days on some website, I just couldn't fathom spending $50+ on a set of handlebars! (no, i did not purchase these bars at cost lol)

    “Amazing Bars”

    The Good: Variety of sizes and very lightweight for those sizings. Very strong

    The Bad: Nothing at all

    Overall Review:

    My favorite bars ive rode, I like wider bars but perfect 10s are to much, if your not to tall but like the control and balance of wide bars these will work great. they are also much lighter than other bars in its sizing range.

    “Brilliant Bars and sexy too!!!”

    The Good: Great feel sexy look long lasting durable

    The Bad: can't really think of anything.

    Overall Review:

    Best Bars i've ridden and seen and they look great with the tear drop design

    over all if you have the money and you need the best forget the rest.

    “Amazing Bars”

    The Good: These are great bars, really strong

    The Bad: Nothing they are great

    Overall Review:

    These are probably one of the favorite pair of bars i have ever had. I would highly recommend these.

    “Love these!!!!”

    The Good: Strong, Light, Affordable, and they feel super comfortable.

    The Bad: Paint kinda comes off easily, but nothing like a spray can won't fix. and the stickers are a lil much. But you can take them off tho.

    Overall Review:

    I love these bars!!! The teardrop design is cool and different! I've ridden other bars but these are my favorite! I don't think i will ever ride any other bars. I've had mine for about 2 years now and they are holding up good! i got them in 9x30 and cut them down to a size 28.5. I love these bars!!!!

    “Shadow Vultus”

    The Good: Geometry Tear drop crossbar

    The Bad: Paint chips kinda easy

    Overall Review:

    Overall I love these bars , I bought them at dans almost 3 years ago and I'm still running them , havent cracked or bent at all

    “A Must Buy”

    The Good: Light Strond Great Geo Look Good The Teardrop Crossbar Good Price.

    The Bad: The sticker on the side is unnecessary but just take it off

    Overall Review:

    Amazing bars i wouldnt hesitate buying these. I got them in 8.5 rise and 28 wide and theyre perfect.

    “Best bars ever!”

    The Good: I absolutely love them, I have run Fly montana's, perfect 10's and these. These are by far the best. I have them in 9.5x30" they are strong and superlight and perfect size for me.

    The Bad: As said before bit pricey but totally worth the money.

    Overall Review: I ride park and street and I've had my fair share of stacks but they are still straight like new.

    “The best Shadow bars.”

    The Good: Super stiff, extremely light and perfect geometry.

    The Bad: The tubing is too big for my Eastern Grips stoppers.

    Overall Review: I have the 4 piece version. These bars make me want to ride 4 piece for life.

    “Best bars I've ever rode.”

    The Good: The dont bend like others, look great and feel amazing.

    The Bad: Nothing i have found

    Overall Review: These bars will be the ones i get every time mine get scratched up and whatnot. They hold up nice and are a great combo with an animal jump off remix.


    Backsweep 10°
    Cross Bar OD
    Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Blue, Chrome, Perma Blue

    1 lb 9.4 oz (720 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website