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Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Handlebars

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Shadow Conspiracy Vultus  Handlebars 109-06456_TSC_VultusBars_PermaBlue
C70_109_06456_tsc_vultusbars_permablue C70_20128063 C70_20128065 C70_20700366 C70_20128067 C70_104_06456_8_tsc_vultusbars_blue_s2 C70_tsc_vultus95_chm

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    “Beast Bars Out!”

    The Good: Light, Strong, Last forever, Comes in big sizes, Great all around

    The Bad: Nothing really!

    Overall Review: Best Bars I've had so far, i've already had a pair, and just built a new bike and got these bars again they are perfect love all the specs and how they feel! Even though the bigger rise have a larger width, the bars have plenty of grip area to cut them down easily to 28.25 and have room for brake lever! Recommend for people to have a look in getting a set!

    “Best bars on the market”

    The Good: Light, strong, look sweet and come in great sizes

    The Bad: a little pricey, but worth it.

    Overall Review: Great bars, buy them, shadows great. I got mine a year ago still barely any scratches.

    “Shadwo Vultus Bars”

    The Good: theyre great, cool colors strong as hell, and great weight

    The Bad: little pricey,but you get what you give

    Overall Review: best bars ive owned so far,id recommend to anyone looking for bars.

    “Great Bars!”

    The Good: Light, sweet looking cross-bar, very strong, many sizes and colors.

    The Bad: Kind of pricey, especially the chrome ones (What I have). Nothing else.

    Overall Review: Amazingly good bars. If you're getting bars, get these!!

    “Shadow vultus bars... Gett em!”

    The Good: They are amazing, they feal great they are light, and look awesome I got the 8.5s, but it is a little small, and would be great with a tl stem and i think Ben hucke rides em

    The Bad: Almost too good

    Overall Review: Like I said befor, they're great get them now! I just wish I could put like 11 stars instead of just 5

    “Amazing Bars”

    The Good: SOOO strong i've thrown my bike straight onto the bars and from bailing and it hasn't bent at all, it looks great and it has amazing geometry, the paint hasn't worn too much i've ridden for about a year only the parts it was dropped on alot.

    The Bad: a bit pricy, thats about it, definately worth it.

    Overall Review: Great Bars, super strong, amazing geometry, a tiny bit pricy but totally worth it.

    “GREATEST bars eva!!”

    The Good: sweet geo, crazy light, pretty strong (i've literally thrown my bike multiple times, and they are still PERFECT). pretty much all you can ask for in a set of bars.

    The Bad: some kids say they are too weak, i dont know how the hell that is but just so you know...

    Overall Review: Greatest bars i've ever ridden, wont ride another set, all i've ever wanted from a set of bars.

    “sweet bars”

    The Good: feel fantastic got em in 9 inch rise 30 width and they feel amazing

    The Bad: price is kinda high but oh well

    Overall Review: awesome bars feel great and look awesome on my bike had em for a while no problems they are awesome.


    Backsweep 10°
    Cross Bar OD
    Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Blue, Chrome, Perma Blue

    1 lb 9.4 oz (720 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website