Kink Integrated Headset

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Kink Integrated Headset headset_kink_K621RAW
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    “amazing headset”

    The Good:

    smooth i love it its so amazing

    The Bad:

    nothing at all

    Overall Review:

    really good head set i love it alot

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    Vital BMX member jonnybmx69
    105743 jonnybmx69,105743/all 05/25/13 5 1 2

    “Good But The Animal Headset is the Best”

    The Good:

    Good But The Animal Headset is the Best, its smooth, strong, and Sleek looking, but if you want strength,smoothness,and no cracking noise, go with animal

    The Bad:

    Its Starting to Make that Crack noise, but im pretty hard on parts so yea

    Overall Review:

    Its cool, i cant argue with it, Kink, Animal, and Odyssey, is the only companies i trust

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    Vital BMX member Joshua_Simmons
    73123 Joshua_Simmons,73123/all 12/18/10,73123/setup 6 12 5 1

    “just another amazing kink product.”

    The Good:

    everything. smooth clean. spins well and its a kink its good and cheaper too.

    The Bad:

    not a thing

    Overall Review:

    its a headset. dont pend money on anything else. exept the ti one.

    Rate review: +1 Up Down
    Vital BMX member theboss
    67466 theboss,67466/all 08/28/10 1 56 415 26 20 3

    “Awesome Headset”

    The Good:

    The finish is great and the fact the crown race can be put on without a tool is a huge plus

    The Bad:

    None at all

    Overall Review:

    Great headset for the money and I have never had a single problem

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    Vital BMX member g2fspro
    84331 g2fspro,84331/all 09/01/11 36 101 2 4 1

    “best ever headset”

    The Good:

    spins smooth basically cant even feel it

    The Bad:

    nothng rong with it

    Overall Review:

    best headset out i know alot of people with them an thy think its great

    Rate review: 0 Up Down
    Vital BMX member Jersey_Shaw
    72081 Jersey_Shaw,72081/all 11/27/10 1

    “Great buy people”

    The Good:

    Spins smooth Doesnt crunch ive had mine for about a year without having to adjust in once so i love it comes in good colors

    The Bad:

    ive heard that people were unsatisfied with theirs, ive had no problems though

    Overall Review:

    I love this headset, and i have another one in the box for the day i need to replace mine

    Rate review: 0 Up Down
    Vital BMX member Justin4BMX
    5856 Justin4BMX,5856/all 04/05/07 3 1 4 2


    Type High Quality Sealed Ball Bearings
    Colors Black, Crimson Red, Battleship Grey, Bronze, Blue, Raw

    0 lb 2.3 oz (65 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Kink website

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