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BSD Jersey Barrier Front Hub Guard

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
BSD Jersey Barrier Front Hub Guard bsdproductshubguardfront001parts
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    “wish it functioned as good as it looked.”

    The Good: looks great, plastic slides well on anything

    The Bad: plastic portion wears down way to quickly and deforms

    Overall Review:

    was pretty psyched when I put these on my bike but was then completely disappointed in them about an hour into the first session at my local skatepark when they showed excessive wear, about the equivalent of 6 months heavy use on aaluminum guard. On top of that, the inner lip had deformed causing it to rub on my spokes forcing me to removed them completely and put my cheaper, more functional Gsport Glands back on.

    BSD should revise them and either make it full aluminum, or even better make the "sleeve" portion out of chromoly so they still slide well.

    “Sick looking hub guard”

    The Good: it looks badass !!!! i run 3 pegs and i like hand rails they turn handrails into clouds favourite guard out there !!!!

    The Bad: that on my vandaro2 the collars that come with them have a step to space it from the hub but the hubgaurds do not and my drop out is slightly bent so i need spacers between the guard and the hub kinda a piss off but hopefully will be fixed with new BSD ghetto forks !

    Overall Review: Amazing hub guard everyone loves the look they grind great and even after i smash up the plastic i can go buy replacement ones ! a must have guard !!!

    “the good, the bad and the ugly”

    The Good: the front guard for the vandero2 works perfectly. due to the slide on system there is no wobble possible so your bearings will not be damaged as bad a they will be from shitty guards. plastic slides well and will not leave dents in rails, copings ore else. replacement sleeves

    The Bad: the mamoset one is quite thin so you'll easyly break off small corners of the guard. but it does not really matter, because its just the sleeve getting damaged, so the alloy core will hold up forever. the rear (screw on) one is needet to be screwed on strongly, otherwise your hub will wobble and your bearings will get fucked.

    Overall Review: really great working sleeves due to a clever design and good quality in production. no real problems

    “great guard”

    The Good: they look clean and go on very easily

    The Bad: mine kinda wore down quicker than i thought they would but its all good because you can get replacement plastic for them on empire.

    Overall Review: they are great. keep them spokes straight and un broken. ( the best way) and they dont cost a fortune. but still a little much. way worth it though


    Materials A 7075 aluminium inner supporting a high density plastic guard
    Colors Black


    Price N/A
    More Info BSD website