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BSD Jersey Barrier Rear Hub Guard

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BSD Jersey Barrier Rear Hub Guard bsdproductshubguardrear001parts
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    “BSD Jersey Barrier”

    The Good: Strong, perfect fit on most frames, definitely worth the money

    The Bad: Nothing, don't understand why people are complaining of wear, you're grinding it down yourself?

    Overall Review:

    A must have for all bmxers that ride pegs, great value, BSD, keep it like this!

    “wish it functioned as good as it looked.”

    The Good: looks great, plastic slides well on anything

    The Bad: plastic portion wears down way to quickly and deforms

    Overall Review:

    was pretty psyched when I put these on my bike but was then completely disappointed in them about an hour into the first session at my local skatepark when they showed excessive wear, about the equivalent of 6 months heavy use on aaluminum guard. On top of that, the inner lip had deformed causing it to rub on my spokes forcing me toremoved them completely and put my cheaper, more functional Gsport Glands back on.

    BSD should revise them and either make it full aluminum, or even better make the "sleeve" portion out of chromoly so they still slide well.

    “best hub guard ever made”

    The Good: very strong, looks so clean. easy to install

    The Bad: they wear down but that all hub guard do. nothing to worry about

    Overall Review: they were super easy to put on. they look clean and slide like a dream. ive had mine for half a year now and they dont have a lot of wear on them. they hold up very nice. im a heavy grinder and i ride street so if they cant hold up to that, they are grade A on my list.

    “Plastic slides so good!”

    The Good: The plastic hub guard helps so much with grinding, and once it wore down I just bought a new plastic part, best guard I've ever used.

    The Bad: Nothing was bad, it looked grinded after a lot of use but it is a hub guard and my hub was protected so all is good.

    Overall Review: Best hub guard out there, the space between the guard and spokes is small so you don't catch on the edge. Recommended!

    “it's okayyyyy”

    The Good: didn't hang up while grinding, threaded on to my hub since it was hub specific and wasn't a bitch to get into my dropouts like most are.

    The Bad: as soon as the first piece chipped off of it, the whole guard went to shit and kept breaking in random places

    Overall Review: it's a nice guard, I had it for about 6 months and actually could just replace the sleeve and it'll be good as new but I have an S&M guard now and is much nicer. if you grind a lottttttttt it might not be for you though

    “plastic over metal”

    The Good: plastic so no dents, metal insert, apparently fits pretty much all hubs.

    The Bad: on my old frame the drop out dented in to the guard a little bit

    Overall Review: i have tried my best to break it but it simply wont break


    Materials A 7075 aluminium inner supporting a high density plastic guard
    Colors Black


    Price N/A
    More Info BSD website