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Colony Clone & Wasp Hub Guard

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Colony Clone & Wasp Hub Guard hub-guard-rear-black2-wbg

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    The Good: well, read the bad first.

    The Bad: it does mess up your axle, it really does. but, there is a way around it.

    Overall Review: if you're gonna buy this hubguard, drill out the threading. from there, it's the best hubguard ever. GOD FORBID YOU THREAD IT ON AND START GRINDING, you are screwed.

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    “A blunder of massive proportions.”

    The Good: About as much as the Pope

    The Bad: About as much as the Pope

    Overall Review: Ok...if you're thinking about spending dollars of money on this,then I have a better suggestion for you. Go to Radio Shack and buy the most expensive sound system available. Then find the deafest guy your wandering eyes can spot and give this newly-purchased sound system to that person as a gift. Doing this will render your squandering of finances to be at least a charitable ordeal,and you'll get a tax-break as well....assuming that you're into that consolation stuff. In a less poetic version- this hub guard will annihilate your axle with its "ingenious" grub screw design and ultimately force you to buy a new axle or a new hub- you make the choice. You can't say I didn't warn you in a beat-around-the-metaphorical bush sort of way. 1 star is generous.

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    Materials CNC machined from 7075T6 alloy.
    Colors Black only

    0 lb 2.2 oz (61 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Colony website