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Colony Clone & Wasp Hub Guard

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Colony Clone & Wasp Hub Guard hub-guard-rear-black2-wbg

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    The Good: well, read the bad first.

    The Bad: it does mess up your axle, it really does. but, there is a way around it.

    Overall Review: if you're gonna buy this hubguard, drill out the threading. from there, it's the best hubguard ever. GOD FORBID YOU THREAD IT ON AND START GRINDING, you are screwed.

    “A blunder of massive proportions.”

    The Good: About as much as the Pope

    The Bad: About as much as the Pope

    Overall Review: Ok...if you're thinking about spending dollars of money on this,then I have a better suggestion for you. Go to Radio Shack and buy the most expensive sound system available. Then find the deafest guy your wandering eyes can spot and give this newly-purchased sound system to that person as a gift. Doing this will render your squandering of finances to be at least a charitable ordeal,and you'll get a tax-break as well....assuming that you're into that consolation stuff. In a less poetic version- this hub guard will annihilate your axle with its "ingenious" grub screw design and ultimately force you to buy a new axle or a new hub- you make the choice. You can't say I didn't warn you in a beat-around-the-metaphorical bush sort of way. 1 star is generous.


    Materials CNC machined from 7075T6 alloy.
    Colors Black only

    0 lb 2.2 oz (61 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Colony website