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Division Drive Side Hub Guard

Average User Rating: (Good)
Division Drive Side Hub Guard crmo-guard1
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    “Strong, although may require customization”

    The Good: chromoly, thin, strong, loads of room inside, what else do you need?

    The Bad: covers a bit too much area, may get in the way of your chain depending on dropout angles.

    Overall Review:

    Love this hubguard, BUT i would not purchase unless you are prepared to do a little editing. depending on what size chain, tension, and frame you run, the guard may obstruct or rub your chain. this can be easily fixed by taking a grinder to it and grinding it as you see fit.

    personally, i prefer that, because then i can make it exactly the angle and shape i desire, just like most bars come in large sizes with the intention of you cutting them down. may take a bit of work, but it's good for ya (:

    “Division Drive Side Hub Guard”

    The Good: -Protects your hub -Not too heavy -Easy to install -Looks nice

    The Bad: -Hits your chain -You can only use it when your chain tension is tight

    Overall Review:

    The Divison drive side hub guard did a good job protecting my hub but it was too large. The guard went all the way around the rear sprocket/chain which caused it to hit the chain and it would pop out and get stuck every time the chain tension was too loose. Now my hub is scratched up very badly from the chain getting stuck between the hub guard and the hub.


    Materials Full CNC Heat Treated 4140 CrMo Multi-Side Guard.
    Colors Black

    0 lb 2.9 oz (81 g)

    Miscellaneous Can be ran on either side of drivetrain. Anti-spin locator slot. Thin profile to reduce the need to spread your frame. Best to run on male axle hubs only, not suited for female style axle hubs.
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