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FBM Hub Guard Hub Guard

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FBM Hub Guard Hub Guard Hub Guard

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    “First hubguard”

    The Good: I like this alot. not too bad Have had it for about a month has protected from alot of grind dammage

    The Bad: Nothing at all besides i heard they cave in easliy

    Overall Review: For my first hubgaurd i would recomend this to anyone who needs something to protect there hubs and spokes. also really easy to install

    “The right choice”

    The Good: Everything

    The Bad: It's a little on the large side and doesn't really make a bike look fabulous,but no biggie.

    Overall Review: You buy this and you won't ever need another hub guard again.(unless you toss it in a woodchipper,or strap it to Jodie Foster's personality)

    “FBM hub guard”

    The Good: This thing is so big you never hit your spokes, and your hub is protected really good. Very strong, nice colors. And it also protects your bearing from dust on the non drive side. This hub guard also looks sweet on a big hub.

    The Bad: Spacing the frame for it to fit. And it is made of 6061, so where it is a little softer it hangs on some grinds. I wish it was made of 7000 series aluminum.

    Overall Review: I have had this guard on 3 hubs now and it is still going strong. This thing can take a beating. I have used many hub guards and this is the only one i buy now. If you ride a Freecoaster this will be your best bet. I use it with the KHE Reverse ACB Bruce Crisman and the hub guard looks like it is made for it. If it was made of 7000 series aluminum it would get 5 stars from me.

    “Sick Hub Guard”

    The Good: Everything except installing it.

    The Bad: Only bad thing is that you have to take off the hardware and put some washers on it to fit, or bend the dropouts, OR even better just bring it to a local bikeshop and have them put it on.

    Overall Review: Amazing hubguard, took every single grind i could throw at it.

    “it is so strong”

    The Good: my freind gave me the one im running last year, so its 3 years old

    The Bad: i have not had a problem

    Overall Review: it is so strong, it comes in lots of colors and u wont have to worry about your spokes ever again with it

    “Make sure you put it on right”

    The Good: Holds up nice looks good

    The Bad: It doesnt come with directions, So make sure you put the spacer in the right way or you will have a hard time trying to figure out why your wheel doesnt spin

    Overall Review: Very nice holds up well and looks good, just make sure you put the spacer in the right way.

    “Doesnt fit?”

    The Good: looks nice and durable

    The Bad: Idk if it doesnt fit or what

    Overall Review: I bought this a couple days ago got it and found out that it doesnt fit. I was wondering if i was putting it on wrong ? or what? message me back please


    The Good: quality hub guard, great for street, looks good even with grind marks.

    The Bad: the little washer/spacer thing CRUSHED after riding it for a few days, now i dont have a hub guard and its sitting in my trunk

    Overall Review: its a good hub guard just be careful.


    Miscellaneous Suggested retail: N/A
    Colors: Black, Gold, Red, Silver, Green, Blue
    Axle size: 14mm
    Materials: CNC machined 6061 aluminum
    Weight: 3.8 oz

    Price N/A
    More Info FBM website