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Nitrous Post Combo  Seat & Post Combo Nitrous Hot Blue LoRes
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    “Nitrous 1 Piece Seat”

    The Good:

    Low cost, looks nice, simple.

    The Bad:

    Not as durable as a mounted seat, and the post could be longer.

    Overall Review:

    I've owned a few. I like them. My one broke, though.. Surprisingly. Where the seat is connected to the post, it snapped. It pissed me off VERY badly. I don't even know how I did it. But aside from that I did like the seat enough to purchase two more in the future for spare parts bikes. They hold up just fine and look nice. I think for some people, they might wish the post was longer (even if just a little bit) and the seat was more padded.. but then, how could they be manufactured for such an affordable price. Overall I like this seat even though it's a 1-piece.

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    Vital BMX member mistermetalface
    97981 mistermetalface,97981/all 08/31/12 3

    “Eastern Nitrous combo”

    The Good:

    I have the fat version -light - very comfortable -good looking -

    The Bad:

    -a little expensive

    Overall Review:

    I have the fat version and I love this seat. It's very comfortable

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    Vital BMX member AndreiTodut
    94800 AndreiTodut,94800/all 06/04/12 1 11,94800/setup 1 10 3 9

    “Nitrous Seat/Post combo”

    The Good:

    Very light, and long enough so you don't have to ride it slamed. Nice cover, and fits my body nice.

    The Bad:

    Can't adjust the angle of the seat. But for me it is not a problem.

    Overall Review:

    Really good made, and the nitrous logo is super cool. I got it in red and the cover is super cool. At 9oz it is way lighter than any pivotal seat. And $20 is a wicked deal. Thanks Eastern for making good parts.

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    Vital BMX member Evil1_4real
    76621 Evil1_4real,76621/all 03/15/11 18 1,76621/setup 43 653 60 16 3


    Materials Alloy Post Molded w/ Plastic Base & Covered w/ Durable Vinyl Cover
    Post Length 112mm
    Post OD 25.4mm
    Colors Black, White, Purple, Blue, Red, Gold, Hot Blue

    0 lb 8.5 oz (241 g)

    Miscellaneous Lighter Than Conventional Seat & Post Combo
    Price N/A
    More Info Nitrous website

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