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Stolen Thermalite™ Combo Integrated Seat/Post

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Stolen Thermalite™ Combo Integrated Seat/Post 2010STLNCOMBOorangegreen
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    “Hurts my ass”

    The Good: lightweight, strong, cheap, colorful

    The Bad: painful when rammed up your rear at speed

    Overall Review: everyone i know hates plastic seats cuz they aren't comfortable but i don't care i never sit down. This seat is awesome.

    “Not as bad as people say it is”

    The Good: The seat is light, cheap, and comes in many colors. Probaly one of the best pivotal seat post combo ive had. Its also small and doesnt get in the way

    The Bad: Scuffs very easy and is not comfy what so ever. The seat tends to break easy when you try to tilt it

    Overall Review: Ive had this seat for about 5 months now.It seems to be very common and is lightweight and a nice looking seat

    “It's The Best Seat Ever”

    The Good: This is my favorite seat. It's light and durable. Also comes in many colors.

    The Bad: It's plastic so you don't really need an actual vasectomy.

    Overall Review: I fucking love this seat more than anything. Stolen all day!
    Overall Review: I fucking love this seat more than anything. Stolen all day!

    “for weight whores”

    The Good: really light, looks good and....... cheep?

    The Bad: snaps, make you have anal sex with it, would be better if it had padding.

    Overall Review: don't get it unless your a weight whore that likes gay sex

    “Had it 4 hours and dig it”

    The Good: Looks great & very light weight.

    The Bad: Unkind to my gluteus maximus.

    Overall Review: I read the reviews on this site before buying this seat so I knew what I was getting - a great, light seat that is deemed very uncomfortable by most. I'd agree with that. I only sit when on the gate right before a race or when I'm hanging out BSing at the track so no biggie. Very happy with the purchase.


    Materials Thermalite™ (Reinforced Nylon66 w/ 50% Long-Glass Fiber)
    Post Length 75mm
    Post OD 25.4mm
    Colors Black, Gang Green, Neon Orange, White (Purple, Red & Blue in development)

    0 lb 7.8 oz (220 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website