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Urban Kreation Slim Fit Jeans

Urban Kreation Slim Fit Jeans UK Jeans Slim Gray front
C70_uk_jeans_slim_gray_front C70_uk_jeans_slim_inside C70_uk_jeans_slim_black C70_uk_jeans_slim_gray_rear

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    Size 26, 28, 30, 32, 34
    Colors Black or Gray
    Miscellaneous Waist/Leg length - 28/32" 30/32" 32/32" 34/32"
    Waist/Leg length - 28/34" 30/34" 32/34" 34/34"
    Construction - Kevlar stitching with Vectran Lining

    Urban Kreation is a revolutionary concept in protective clothing for the urban rider. It has invisible protection which is a greater skin defencethan that of Kevlar®. Kevlar is the forerunner technology from which bullet and stab proofed vests are still made. Urban Kreation’sapparel is 5 x stronger than steel with fine garment detail, which is stylish and functional. The clothes are protected by a gossamer thin liquid polymer fabric called Vectran® developed by the American space agency NASA for use on its Mars landing capsule. This creates extraordinary heat, abrasion and impact resistance, which reduces all scarring, scratching and heat burns on human skin in all protected areas.
    Price $99.99
    More Info Urban Kreation website