DK Double Butted Spokes

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DK Double Butted Spokes  DK_Spokes_Red
C70_dk_spokes_red C70_dk_spokes_red2 C70_dk_spokes_black1 C70_dk_spokes_black2 C70_dk_spokes_blackblk1 C70_dk_spokes_blackblk2 C70_dk_spokes_silver1 C70_dk_spokes_silver2 C70_dk_spokes_blue C70_dk_spokes_blue2 C70_dk_spokes_yellow1 C70_dk_spokes_yellow2 C70_dk_spokes_green1 C70_dk_spokes_green2 C70_dk_spokes_gold C70_dk_spokes_gold2 C70_dk_spokes_white1 C70_dk_spokes_white2
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    “Good Spokes, Rode these for over 4 years”

    The Good:

    Quite light with good range of colours

    The Bad:

    They were a bit pricey when I bought them... but you pay for quality!

    Overall Review:

    they're thicker were spokes normally snap... you never really snap spokes in the middle. I have rode these for over four years and I have never snapped a single spoke... and I do try to ride pretty hard! Never had a problem! How long these will last you is pretty much down to whoever builds your wheels & how well they're built.

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    Vital BMX member Hobson Cycles
    77970 Hobson Cycles,77970/all 04/14/11 13 1

    “Good Spokes!”

    The Good:

    double butted with a cool anodized finish. i had the blue ones

    The Bad:

    They were pricey at my shop. like 5 dollars for 5 spokes

    Overall Review:

    Theyre butted where you wont hit them. save some weight too

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    Vital BMX member N.W.A.
    73045 N.W.A.,73045/all 12/17/10 8 29,73045/setup 54 636 14 60 6

    “not so good”

    The Good:

    they are light

    The Bad:

    they are not strong because they are so thin

    Overall Review:

    not my best spokes

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    Vital BMX member kevinstreetbiker
    87905 kevinstreetbiker,87905/all 12/03/11 2 34 353 18,87905/setup 39 646 2 171 17 2


    Miscellaneous 182, 184, 186, 188, 191, 194, 217, 244mm; Black, Blue, Red, Gold, Silver, Flat Black, White, Yellow, DK Team Green
    Price $26.99
    More Info DK website

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