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Deluxe Welcome To Deluxe DVD

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Deluxe Welcome To Deluxe DVD  WTD dvd case

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“Deluxe Bmx DVD”

The Good: All trails, so very specific! i really enjoyed watching spots i have never seen before and good riders ride them!

The Bad: Too short i felt

Overall Review: Good dvd for the trails riders but obviously you aren't going to enjoy it if all you want to watch is street!

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Miscellaneous It was always a plan to get the team out on the road and ride places together, and finally, we did it: the first road trip for Deluxe, a lo-fi tour around familiar and not so familiar spots on home turf; England. A week's worth of travel, spots, camping, riding, digging, and more -- a real coming-together for the team, dodging the rain and having a good time riding bicycles on dirt. But this is not simply a tour video -- add to the mix Davros and Aidan riding Barend like you've never seen it before, Max shredding at home in France, and a mix of extras. Cards on the table time, this is what we do -- Welcome To Deluxe. Features Barend At Night / UK Tour: Barend, Organic, Aliano's, Villij, Cothill, Chertsey, Epsom, Wingham / Max Bimar at Peynier. Extras Mulville Web Edit 09 / Organic Summer Clips / Digging Days at Barend NB: 10% of Deluxe BMX profits will go to the Stephen Murray Fund -- Stay Strong!
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