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Odyssey Odyssey's Odyssey

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Odyssey Odyssey's Odyssey  Odyssey's Odyssey

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    The video over all was good. Not as good as there previous one though. It was cool to see some none played out spots, even though if you have seen RF 6 you will have already seen some. That being said the riding on those spots are still very good and its good to see the new stuff being thrown down on the spots in comparison to what went down in RF 6. Over all a good video, seemed kinda short but still good. If your into the riders then buy if not than wait for a friend to buy it and watch it.


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    This is a European tour we took this summer (04). Mike Aitken, Adam Banton, Matt Beringer, Ben Foakes, Scott Foster, James Hitchcox, Jimmy Le Van, Fraser Peek (Fragile), Gary B Young. It was a crazy trip. Watch the video. Some good extras, and audio commentary...
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