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Odyssey Video

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Odyssey Video  Video

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    this video is great.
    but odyssey payed rish hirsch to do it all, he filmed and edited and created the entire vid not will stroud its right in the credits. levans and aitkins parts are nuts, but rich and daniel randells part is underrated.
    if anyone knows whos sings the song for there part i would appreicate it if you y alet me know.


    If I'm correct this video was filmed and edited by Will Stroud. Anything that Will does with video is amazing, not to mention the riders in this video are all amazing. I have yet to see this video, but I'm sure it's going to be a good one.


    This video had a concept that was a really good idea. Go to one spot for a week and film a video part. No gathering footage from different people, no wait for footage to come in after deadlines. Just go shoot come back and edit it all in to section and put them in order. The simplest way I think. The video its self turned out really good for being filmed in one week for each person. The editing and filming are very good, as well as the riding. Definitely a good video, worth the moeny even though its a bit outdated now.


    really good video, the riding is great and it has an amazing list of riders involved in it, many different styles and a lot of great spots are shown.. a definate classic in the bmx video list


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    If you had one week to film a video part, where would you go? The Odyssey Team shows you what they would do. Scott Foster- Vegas, Adam Banton- Hawaii, Chase Gouin- Windsor, Canada, Jim Cielencki- Atlanta, Martti Kuoppa- Echo park, Gary Young- Vancouver, Jimmy Le Van- Seattle, Rich Hirsch- Los Angeles, Mike Aitken. Salt Lake City, Matt Beringer- Salt Lake City
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