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Stolen Vortex Fork Preload Bolt

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Stolen Vortex Fork Preload Bolt  2010STLNFORKCAPGROUP

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    “If you know how to put it on...”

    The Good: It's sweet, holds your bars, looks clean, color options.

    The Bad: If you don't know how to install it then it breaks on flat 3's...

    Overall Review: It's light, it has a TON of reach (more threads = less slippage) Eastern could learn a thing or two about fork caps... Oh, and junior at the bottom obviously you don't know how to work on the front end of your bike, look at all those spacers under your stem... way to suck at bike maintenance, Harley.

    “sick sick sick”

    The Good: looks,color,does the job right

    The Bad: not expecting any

    Overall Review: had it for over a year and it works perfect,its a sick look, i always have some1 come up to me saying its sick when i go to skateparks

    “We Have Never Had This Happen”

    The Good: Our team riders have used this for years and little to no problem

    The Bad: We have had a couple of issues where the 6mm wrench hole can become misshapen if torqued way beyond torque spec.

    Overall Review: We have made this for several years now and this is the first issue we have heard of. This is a compression devise and if you snapped the top off I would more than likely say it is due to a poor stem that wobbles or was left loose. They really need a Manufactures comment area on Vital.


    Miscellaneous Unique lightweight design
    M25x1.5mm & M24x1.5mm
    Anodized Black, Gold, Red, and Painted White
    0.56oz (15g)
    Price N/A
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