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Tree Bicycle Co. Headset Caps

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Tree Bicycle Co. Headset Caps  H25
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    “A cleaner, stronger alternative to stock bolts.”

    The Good: Looks very smooth and clean. They're very strong and won't strip out.

    The Bad: Absolutely nothing.

    Overall Review:

    I have a 24mm bolt in polished. Most stock bolts are at least decent, but these are the best. You'll never have to worry about your fork bolt stripping or breaking ever again if you get one of these. They look simple, clean, smooth, and awesome overall. No awkward or random tools to use it, just a 6mm or 1/4" allen. I would definitely recommend them.

    “Tree Fork Cap”

    The Good: Light, cheap, strong, will not strip like stock caps.

    The Bad: Nothing i could say.

    Overall Review:

    Great fork cap, holds up great, won't strip. It has a 6mm and 1/4" allen in one hole. Much lighter than stock steel cap. Colors look good and red matched my fly alta 1 stem perfectly.

    “its a cap .. not too much to say”

    The Good: it works, lightweight, easy to put in, holds well, doesn't strip easily, clean design

    The Bad: nothing really

    Overall Review:

    going to warn you,,once it is tight, it holds well. however it holds so well that if your forks twist, it will be hard to put them back without allen wrenches...

    my shadow one got stripped out on the hex hole...this one works fine


    Price $13.99
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