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    “My girl friend loves her pair”

    The Good:

    my girl friend can suck me off for hours on end with out knee pain, makes a great gift for Valentines day, they will save your knee, and are very durable, ive taken hard hits on concrete, rails, ledges ect..

    The Bad:

    they don't fit very well under jeans

    Overall Review:

    best knee pads ive ever had, they have lasted over 2 1/2 years

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    Vital BMX member plzdntfailmeagn
    62354 plzdntfailmeagn,62354/all 06/01/10 2,62354/setup 57 465 21 3 1


    After a few slip outs on these the padding seemed to have melted or shifted away and flattened out from the heat. Now the padding is gone in the spot where I slid on. Hurt my knees through these too. Good for very minor falls but not big ones. Slip outs burn your knees through these too.

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    Vital BMX member hawaiian_george
    23216 hawaiian_george,23216/all 07/05/08 104 26 2,23216/setup 70 240 197 9 34



    Colors: Black is the v2 hardcaps, grey is the softs

    - Foam cover over plastic cap to prevent tearing of
    - Custom molds were made for both the EVA pad and the
    plastic cap so it fits exactly to your knee and
    provides the lowest possible profile
    - Foam cells above,below and on both sides of the main
    EVA pad for extra protection.
    - Special "seat belt" strap on the bottom attaches
    above the fat part of your calf to prevent slippage.
    - Super-light weight, for no leg restriction.

    Suggested retail: $45

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