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Colony Fantastic Plastic Pedals

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
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    “fantastic pedals!”

    The Good: they grip really well the allen hole in the spindle is sweeet strong plastic big pins

    The Bad: they dont look the best i cracked mine in 8 months only because i grinded to much on one side to the bearings

    Overall Review:

    really good pedals i would deff get them again.

    “Don't get 'em.”

    The Good: -Look cool -Don't spin much

    The Bad: -Terrible grip, slip even when it's super dry outside on every kind of shoe -Pins wear down easily -Tiny platform -Awkward shape, feel very weird on your foot -Taller in the middle, so it makes the grip even worse.

    Overall Review:

    I honestly hate these pedals. Twisted PC's have a smaller platform and still feel a million times better than these.

    “Great pedals”

    The Good: grippy, cheap, didn't snap in half like the dumb premiums i had.. good pedals

    The Bad: idiots who grind on them may think they wear quickly... -.- its plastic.. gtfo srsly..

    Overall Review:

    great, don't do pedal grinds on them and you wont have an issue with traction..

    “best short term pedals.”

    The Good: cheap, light looks slick and great

    The Bad: weak and pins can wear down fast.

    Overall Review:

    when i first got these i was learning barspins, so the majority of my attempts ended up with my bike slamming against the floor, with the main weight landing on these colony pedals. after a month or 2 the right side pedal finally gave way and snapped. if you're light and don't stack too often these should be good.

    “Colony Fantastic”

    The Good: -good grip -low price -strong

    The Bad: nothing so far

    Overall Review:

    I am very happy with these pedals. Are resistant, do not slip, and the price was good. I recommend

    And sorry for my bad english. I'm from Romania

    “best pedals out”

    The Good: grippy, but without the locked in feel. super light. good color choices. only $20.

    The Bad: dirt can be easy to get caught in the crosses, but if you don't ride any trails or dirt should be set.

    Overall Review: really good pedals, real grippy without the lock in feel, ridden them for a few years, the studs are not even anywhere near wearing off. used to rock twisted PC's, these are better in almost any aspect. get off the computer and go get them !

    “great pedals”

    The Good: there pretty good pedals grip very well love the colours

    The Bad: pins wear down really fast

    Overall Review: other then the pins there great pedals


    Body Material Nylon/Fibre mix
    Colors Nylon/Fibre mix - Black with Electro Plated Axles in Gold, Red, Blue, Purple, Silver, Copper and normal Black.
    Spindle Looseball axle type only in 9/16".

    0 lb 13.3 oz (376 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Colony website