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DK Distortion Pedals Pedals

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DK Distortion Pedals Pedals Distortion Pedals

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    “They are good but not the best”

    The Good: Super light great grip good bearings (while they last)

    The Bad: hard to find replacement pins the pins strip easily I blew out one of the bearing on one of the pedals look ugly IMO

    Overall Review:

    Had them on my bike for a while I got the TI and magnesium ones my first impressions where that they where super light for a metal pedal just as light as some of the heavier plastic pedals around. After riding them for a few months they are really strong and can take the abuse that i put them through (which isn't much). Only downsides to these pedals are that the pins started wearing out and i cannot find replacement pins anywhere, and when i tried to get one of the pins out the allen key head on the pin stripped. I think they need to make the allen key hole on the pins larger so they dont strip when you try to take them out. also I blew one of the bearings in the left pedal somehow I dont know how i did it but it doesent spin very well at all anymore but still works. I have taken these off my bike and am now running JCPC's and are super happy with them. I would not reccoment these pedals to a friend.


    i see people bitching about snap a more trail friendly pedal...well get sealed animals or something bulky made for pedal grinds...oh and learn to get flow so you dont slam as much....but the pedals have a nice feel i dig em


    DK distortion pedals a quick fix to dropping weight off of your ride. I picked a pair up with the ti spindle and put them to the test. Numerous slams at the ohio comp seemed to be a good start . I been riding these pedals for about a month they have good grip and stlye I like the ti look ya know?. I found out from the folks at DK these pedals come with 90 day warranty, so far so good. Thumbs up on DK!


    I love the weight of these things and the magnesium body is stronger than a lot of other ones and I'm ok (not overwhelmed) with the traction and feel but the bearing/bushing systems sucks. Mine developed side to side play after a few sessions. I also couldn't easily get replacement pins when I went looking.

    These are just too $$$ for what you get.


    Body Material
    Miscellaneous INFO:
    -Low profile double concave parallelogram body
    -Unique dsign allows larger 6902 sealed bearings on strong 14mm spindles
    -Allen bolt traction pins
    -Available w/ Aluminum or Magnesium body
    -Ti spindle option for maximum weight savings
     Alum: 21.9 oz pr
     Mag: 17.4 oz pr
     Mag/Ti: 14.2 oz pr

    MSRP: $?
    Featured color: platinum
    Other colors:

    Price N/A
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