Demolition PC Pedals

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    “great pedals”

    The Good: These so far have been my favourite pedals, they are super grippy, the whole surface beaing knurled makes a hell of a difference, its great, they're fairly light, they look great, the bearing cap is strong and looks great with the Demolition D logo. 6mm alan key slot is very useful

    The Bad: Being plastic pedals, the will wear down quick if you do pedal grinds, and the bearings come loose over time, quite hard to adjust them so they spin forever smoothly also

    Overall Review: Overall these are great pedals, been riding mine for around 3 months, not a problem wiith them really, would definately recommend them

    “Okay Okay Okay...”

    The Good: Demolition stepped their game up on these. The new 6mm allen slot is nice. They stepped their game up on the pedal body material so they dont crack. Only $15! Super grippy and solid.

    The Bad: Im on my second set the first set sucked balls and got cracked in the first week. Glad to see demo stepped these up. only thing was they were loose so they rattled alot when i bought them. you just gotta tighten the bodies up a bit.

    Overall Review: I hated my last set but the new Nylon set is super light and grippy and hasnt cracked. Ive had them a month so far lasted longer than my last pair with hardly any wear. Very very affordable. I now recommend these to anybody.

    “Weak As Hell!!”

    The Good: Grippy, okish bearing

    The Bad: snapped mine all the way down the spindle and i dont ride that hard :/

    Overall Review: spend a lil more and buy summits better

    “Suck Bawls”

    The Good: nothing really

    The Bad: snapped within like two weeks, how well i was grinding and it snapped midway thru grinding. and it was the pedal that doesnt hit rails or anything so pretty much from just hopping tbh

    Overall Review: wouldnt get them, stick to medals hah

    “i like them”

    The Good: grippy cool colors and pretty solid so far

    The Bad: hmmmm dont know yet

    Overall Review: good pedals i have the purple ones ive had them about 3 monthsish i guess and ye no problems yet


    Body Material Polycarbonate
    Colors Black, White, Purple, Red
    Spindle Heat Treated CRMO

    0 lb 13.2 oz (374 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Demolition website