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Duo Brand Resilite Pedals

Average User Rating: (Good)
Duo Brand Resilite Pedals  Black
C70_duo_resilite_black C70_duo_resilite_blue C70_duo_resilite_purple C70_duo_resilite_red C70_duo_resilite_white

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“do not buy”

The Good: there good if you have wide feet, and they're pretty light

The Bad: they slip a lot

Overall Review:

i wouldn't buy them, spend a little bit more money and buy some better pedals that are actually worth the price

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“Alright I guess...”

The Good: Wide platform, light and cheap

The Bad: No grip, awful bearings, wear down quickly.

Overall Review:

My mate was running these before me and we were riding along one day and the pedal body flew off, reluctantly I bought a set and the haven't shaken themselves to bits yet but they are worn, I guess I would recommend them to a pegless rider who just likes to flow around the bowl, but certainly not a 4 peg street dog.

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“ehhh there alright”

The Good: they last long if u dont grind pretty strong and big have a big platform

The Bad: they have small pins not the best grip

Overall Review:

they lasted me about 8 months witch is pretty good but i didnt grind then. i would recomend these for light riders who dont grind

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“Huge pc pedals so pretty sick”

The Good: Big pedals last pretty long for pc pedals

The Bad: Boxy design so when you get a shinner it hurts

Overall Review: Pretty good like all pc pedals they aren't going to last a few years so for pc pedals really good

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“Great for big feet”

The Good: I like them because they have a flat, wide base for the pedal which is great , and i have that "locked" in feeling which i also love.

The Bad: After my 3rd day of riding i smashed the bearings and the end cap came off and baring were all gone aha , manufactoring defect im assuming since the axles was "shifting"

Overall Review: Overall i loved this pedals and would get them again , Great for defect ,and on the bad side , im sure what happend to me was just a defect.

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Body Material Micro-knurled concave resilite body with 12 molded pins
Colors black, blue, purple, red, or white
Spindle 9/16" chromoly spindle

0 lb 14.3 oz (405 g)

Miscellaneous http://duobrand.com
Price $15.99
More Info Duo Brand website