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Eastern Bikes Crown Pedals

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Eastern Bikes Crown Pedals Pedal Crown Grouped LoRes
C70_pedal_crown_grouped_lores C70_pedal_crown_black_lores C70_pedal_crown_detailed2_lores C70_pedal_crown_trans_black_single_lores C70_pedal_crown_trans_blue_single_lores C70_pedal_crown_trans_purple_lores C70_pedal_crown_clear_lores C70_pedal_crown_hot_blue_lores C70_pedal_crown_trans_red_single_lores C70_pedal_crown_purple_lores

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    “A big supprise”

    The Good: grippy with a nice concave

    The Bad: people think they are shit because they are eastern

    Overall Review:

    great pedals and only cost me £6 new

    “Eastern Crown Pedals”

    The Good: I got these pedals from my bike and my new eastern reaper these pedals are great they are very grippy you rarely slip of the pedal I have been riding the pedals for a month now and I only got one minor shiner.

    The Bad: Nothing really

    Overall Review: these pedals are great and recomend them to anyone

    “Eastern Crown”

    The Good: They were stock on my BMX (Eastern Cobra 2012), but are satisfied with them. Do not slip and spin very well. The purchase price is very good here in Romania.v

    The Bad: I have nothing to comment

    Overall Review: Price / quality ratio makes the best pedals on the market, in my opinion.

    “Crown Pc Pedals”

    The Good: Very light,Spin well,Cheap,Many colors,

    The Bad: They're very grippy,but I sometime catch myself before I slip.I think it's me,Because it's always my left foot.

    Overall Review: Great pedals for anyone looking for cheap,Grippy,and last-awhile pc pedals.


    Body Material Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic w/ NEW Grippier & Lighter Version of our Popular Plastic Pedal, Original Dual Concave Design w/ Knurled Surface
    Colors Black, Hot Blue, Purple, Blue, Red, Translucent Black, Translucent Blue, Translucent Purple, Translucent Red, Translucent Hot Blue, Clear
    Spindle Unsealed Chromoly

    0 lb 12 oz (340 g)

    Miscellaneous Slimmer Profile Than Our CFRP Pedal
    Price N/A
    More Info Eastern Bikes website