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Fit P.C. Pedals

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Fit P.C. Pedals pedal_pcp_clr_blk

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    “why everyone chattin shit about these ?”

    The Good: had them second hand for 3 months now they came with a tiny crack in them and have hand no problem at all, i even do lucy grinds and they held up to these, and mine are the translucent red !!

    The Bad: nothin, cheapm durable, good looks, what's not to like ?

    Overall Review: good cheap pedal, buy them !!

    “Fit PC pedals”

    The Good: Nice assortment of colors Grip your feet alright Classic looking "wellgo" design Cheap

    The Bad: I was pretty disappointed with the durability of the pedals,Although i did buy the clear red,I have heard the Solid color pedals like the black for instance are more durable and hold up better to abuse,After riding sealed pedals unsealed feel sketchy,They always tend to giggle after riding them for a short period of time,The pedal spindles are also not as strong as a sealed pedal.

    Overall Review: I have always rode aluminum pedals since i started riding,Since plastic pedals were "In" i decided to give them a try.With them costing below 20 bucks it wasn't too much of a gamble.My first impression of the pedals was that cosmetically they looked pretty damn good.They did grip my feet alright. After 2 sessions at some local skateparks while chilling after a line i noticed one of the bearing caps with the fit emblem keeping dirt and dust out of your pedals had fallen off,A quick search around the park and i couldn't locate it so that kinda sucked. After a few more rides they started to get loose and giggle and at the rate they were going my confidence in them was gone.I went back to my roots and purchased a set of shadow sealed aluminum pedals on discount and i have been much happier with those since. I gave the fit pedals to a friend who rode them a couple sessions and ended up trading them for some Odyssey twisted plastics and 5 bucks and he hasn't hand many issues with the odysseys at all. So if you are looking for a quality plastic pedal go with the Black Odyssey Twisted plastics,Many pro riders use them and sware by them. I rate these pedals a 2 of 5 stars for their lack of durability and construction quality is lacking.

    “Fit PCP Pedals plastic”

    The Good: Lots of colours,clear so added effect

    The Bad: Grip suck like hell,you can't even bunnyhop or 180 without your feet coming off the side

    Overall Review: Good for beginners that are just riding around and may start doing trick,if you are don't get em

    “Fit Pc Pedals”

    The Good: Stylish and Durable Had mines for awile now Sylish durable !

    The Bad: Pins shred off after a lil wile but are still really Grippy Caps come off

    Overall Review: I would Buy them Agian


    Body Material Ultra-hard, long-lasting translucent poly carbonate
    Colors Black, Trans. Black, White, Trans. Red, Trans. Gold, Trans. Purp
    Spindle CrMo 9/16" axle

    0 lb 14.3 oz (405 g)

    Miscellaneous • Developed from team rider input
    Price N/A
    More Info Fit website